Commercial Insurance

We understand that every business is unique and that risks differ. Whether you operate a hair salon or a large accounting firm.


Selecting the right insurance for your business is often seen as a difficult, time-consuming task. But while no two businesses are ever exactly the same, there are certain risks that most businesses share in common. To help make selecting the right insurance for you simpler and easier, we’ve created an interactive tool to help highlight the different types of risk your business could potentially face, and the solutions offered.

Accidental Damage

Sometimes your business is vulnerable to extraordinary events or circumstances that you simply could not have foreseen, like a shelf collapsing.


Fire damage is a real threat to business property as it can spread quickly and result in serious damage. Fire offers cover against damage to your business.


Building Cover protects your property not only against damage but also theft of fixtures and fittings.


Theft cover is there to insure that in the event of a break-in or burglary your business is covered for the loss as well as the damage to your premises

Office Content

Make sure your office content is covered; this includes documentation and office furniture


The accidental breakage of glass isn’t just inconvenient, it potentially exposes your premises to further risk. Glass cover makes proper provision for the quick replacement and repair of the broken glass.


In business, dealing with cash is often unavoidable. Money cover will help you manage the risk by covering the loss of any cash kept on the premises, as well as cash in transit to and from the bank.

Electronic Equipment

Most businesses rely heavily on computers and electronic equipment for a smooth running of a business. This cover protects your valuable electronic equipment.

Personal Accident

As a business owner you value your employees and their contribution to success of your business. Personal accident covers in the unfortunate event of an employee getting injured at work

Business All Risk

When running and operating a business we understand the importance of cover that protects your equipment whether it’s on or off your premises.

Theft By Employee

Not being covered for employee theft is a risk no business can afford to take. This cover protect you against theft fraud by employees

Public Liability

If someone slips and falls at your premises, for example, you could be liable. It is important to cover your business for possible liability in the event of a third party claim.

Business Interruption

When the unexpected brings your business to a standstill, over and above the damage itself, you are also covered for the interruption it brings. Business Interruption keeps you operating so you can continue to focus on protecting you profits.

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