Specialist Insurance Solutions


We can provide you with insurance that meets your specific needs to ensure the sustainability and future success of your business.

  • Agricultural


    A self-contained policy, flexible in design and applicable to a variety of agricultural insurance needs, our agricultural policy is not merely a home owners or commercial policy which has been stretched to t the typical farming operation; our policies are designed with the farmer and the specic associated risks in mind.
  • Appliance Warranty

    Appliance Warranty

    Essential in any home, this policy provides financial assistance in the event that a household appliance needs to be repaired. It provides cover for a wide range of appliance types and over 40 household appliance brands.
  • Aviation


    Our aviation insurance offers competitive insurance solutions with a wide range of innovative products that cater for all your aviation risk management needs, while keeping you informed on risk management and industry trends.
  • Bereavement


    With the financial impact of the death of a breadwinner ever a concern, this product provides peace of mind and pays out a fixed lump sum benefit on the death of an insured. The product is available to individuals, families and groups.
  • Car Hire

    Car Hire

    An add-on or stand-alone product that keeps your client mobile in the event of their vehicle which is under warranty needing repairs, being stolen, being involved in an accident or if their normal car hire cover has been exhausted; this product a valuable addition to any insurance portfolio.
  • Commercial Insurance for Fuel and Motor Retail Industries

    Commercial Insurance for Fuel and Motor Retail Industries

    Ideal cover that provides unique, innovative and tailor- made commercial insurance to the fuel and motor retail industries. This includes the likes of fitment centres, spare shops, wholesale fuel depots, service stations and motor dealers.
  • Commercial Legal

    Commercial Legal

    Provides legal assistance and advice to all businesses situated within the borders of South Africa with regards to labour, commercial, civil or tax matters; via an experienced team of qualified legal advisors.
  • Dealer Assist

    Dealer Assist

    Assists motor dealers who have claims lodged against them under the Consumer Protection Act (CPA). A team of knowledgeable specialists with experience in CPA litigation will act on your behalf at no cost to you, subject to policy limits.
  • Goods In Transit

    Goods In Transit

    Essential, tailor-made and affordable cover that protects transport contractors, transport brokers or goods owners from liability in the case of lost or damaged goods.
  • Equine Insurance

    Equine Insurance

    Tailored hospital and medical insurance cover for horses which includes mortality, public liability, personal accident, loss of use, foetus cover, foal cover, stallion infertility cover, transit, tackle and medical insurance plans.
  • Excess Waiver

    Excess Waiver

    Say good-bye to commercial and domestic insurance excesses with a product designed to your specific needs; whether as a standalone policy or in conjunction with existing cover.
  • Gadget Insurance

    Gadget Insurance

    All risk insurance for mobile gadgets such as cellphones and tablets.
  • GAP Insurance

    GAP Insurance

    A range of bespoke products designed to assist with medical expenses that are not covered by the Medical Schemes.
  • Health Insurance

    Health Insurance

    We specialise in various Medical Solutions to cater for your individual need.
  • Heavy Commercial Vehicles

    Heavy Commercial Vehicles

    Flexible and crafted to suit each client, this product forms an essential part of any transport industry business’s portfolio by providing cover for HCV’s, trailers, light delivery vehicles, private vehicles and special vehicle types at competitive rates.
  • ID Theft

    ID Theft

    Must-have cover in today’s world which provides unique cyber insurance for the unauthorised transfer of funds as a result of identity theft.
  • Marine Insurance

    Marine Insurance

    A tailor-made solution for the transportation of goods throughout South Africa as well as abroad.
  • Mechanical Warranty

    Mechanical Warranty

    Four ideal options that provide financial protection in the event of an unforeseen mechanical or electrical failure.
  • Office Automation

    Office Automation

    A holistic product that will cover all manner of electronic office equipment including copiers, scanners, printers, office hubs, laptops, cellphones, PABX’s and more, with little administration and intervention. While initially designed for the supplier and lease market, the product can also be tailored to suit the needs of individual corporate clients.
  • Optometry


    We offer you various Optometry Insurance products outside of the Medical Scheme environment, at a premium you can afford.
  • Personal Legal

    Personal Legal

    Never be on the legal back foot again with this policy that provides quality, accessible, affordable legal cover for individuals, and includes professional advice, mediation and, if necessary, representation.
  • Pet Insurance

    Pet Insurance

    Because pets are members of the family, this product provides peace of mind when it comes to their care in the event of an accident, illness or injury.
  • Pothole Cover

    Pothole Cover

    Available as a stand-alone product or to complement existing cover, this sought-after product offers comprehensive cover for damage caused by potholes.
  • Professional Indemnity (PI)

    Professional Indemnity (PI)

    Designed specifically for motor dealers and short term financial services providers. Professional Indemnity (PI) insurance provides the policyholder with indemnity where claims of legal liability arise out of the practice of their profession.
  • Purchase Protect

    Purchase Protect

    As a consumer your rights are protected under the Consumer Protection Act and this product provides legal advice, representation, and if necessary, litigation to help you defend your rights.
  • Rental Deposit Guarantee

    Rental Deposit Guarantee

    A product designed specifically for the commercial property market such as large property developers, malls, retail shopping centres, property managing agents and operating franchises, which is used in lieu of the initial deposit required to rent commercial premises.
  • Rental Guarantee

    Rental Guarantee

    A crucial policy which protects the landlord where a tenant defaults on rental payments or absconds from the premises without paying the rent in terms of the lease agreement.
  • Scratch & Dent

    Scratch & Dent

    Ideal for new and used vehicle owners, this product pays out for the repair of scratches, dents, bumper scuffs and windscreen chips which are not covered by comprehensive vehicle insurance, or not costly enough to claim for.
  • Security Company Liabilities

    Security Company Liabilities

    An essential product focused on providing liability insurance cover that is ideally suited to the unique needs of the security industry.
  • Specie Insurance

    Specie Insurance

    A highly specialised policy that provides cover for cash and valuables on premises, or while they are in transit.
  • Travel Insurance

    Travel Insurance

    Quality cover for medical expenses, trip cancellations, lost luggage, flight accidents and other losses incurred while travelling.
  • Tyre & Rim

    Tyre & Rim

    Our tyre and rim insurance cover offers new and used car owners affordable protection against every day accidental tyre and rim damage.